Day: August 25, 2008

Wrapping up the western tour

After the first day back at work, I have pulled together a few final observations from the road and even more photographs from our trip out west. Acoma Sky City (see Claire’s photo at top) is one of the most moving and beautiful places in America.  If you ever travel near Albuquerque, take the time to travel about an hour west and see this extraordinary place. Follow your spouse’s good instincts when you travel.  When we pulled into Gallup, NM after spending the day at Acoma, Candice really wanted to attend the Native American Tribal Ceremonial gathering that was taking place, to see the dancing and cultural displays.  I was tired and didn’t follow through, and so we ended up resting in the hotel.  Two days later when reading a regional paper we learned 1) that the event itself was pretty spectacular and 2) that PAUL McCARTNEY was in Gallup that evening and had attended the event to watch the dancing.  Apparently he was traveling on Historic Route 66 and decided to visit the ceremonial.  …

Boswell on China

Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post is one of the smartest sportswriters on the planet.  (For evidence see Why Is Baseball So Much Better Than Football.)  So I found his column today on the Beijing Olympics (They Made the Buses Run on Time) to be smart, funny, and – I suspect – pretty accurate.  My father often told me, “Don’t believe everything you see on TV.”  Many of you who don’t normally read the sports pages of the Post will find Boswell’s comments of interest. More to come… DJB