Day: September 15, 2008

A Cappella Singing

Many family and friends know that our son Andrew is the real singer of the family.  After a stellar career as a cathedral chorister (assuming you can have a career that ends at age 13), he began singing in high school last year with his new baritone voice.  Candice and I were so pleased last evening to hear Andrew’s first performance with the five-boy a cappella group at his school.  They got a great reception and Andrew was pleased with this first performance.  We expect to hear a lot of a cappella singing around our house over the next three years… …And that thought led us to think about what happens to people who get too deep into a cappella singing.  Fortunately, there’s an institute for "A Cappella Recovery."  Watch this video…and pray this isn’t in Andrew’s future. 🙂 More to come… DJB