Day: October 1, 2008

Searching the Internet and Finding…October Belongs to Baseball

This is another one of my “I was searching the Internet and found something I had to share” posts.  On the InterSportsWire (motto:  “Because there aren’t enough sports blogs”) there’s this beautiful post entitled October Belongs to Baseball which has a “great sports folk song about the mystical aura of baseball.”  The song is by Sam Baker.  Click on the link to October Belongs to Baseball to see this video and give yourself a treat. More to come… DJB

Time for the Playoffs

Forget March Madness.  Even though last evening’s Twins/White Sox game had the feel of a NCAA basketball tournament play-in game (i.e., two teams who weren’t expected to be in the playoffs, win or go home), it was baseball at its best.  Crisply played (how often can you say that about an American League game), great pitching by both teams (John Danks throws a 2-hitter in a pressure game), and two great plays. The old bulls came through.  Ken Griffey, Jr. – who will now get another shot at a World Series – threw a strike from center field to nail the Twins’ only scoring chance at home plate, thanks to a strong tag by A.J. Pierzynski.  Jim Thome hit a home run a mile long for the only run in a 1-0 win.  So, the White Sox are in to play Tampa Bay, keeping hope alive for the first all-Chicago World Series since 1906.  Ozzie and Lou – now that would be fun!  Great start to the playoffs. More to come… DJB