Day: October 12, 2008

Free Baseball

I love October baseball.  Friday’s games – the first between the Phillies and Dodgers followed by the Red Sox vs. the Rays – were both terrific.  And tonight, the Sox and Rays just went into extra innings – or what Skip Carey use to call “Free Baseball.”   And as I was typing those words, lo and behold, Ernie Johnson, Jr., whose dad was Carey’s longtime broadcast partner with the Braves, just used that term.  Skip lives! Yesterday, Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia was rocking – and I was reminded of my visit there just two short weeks ago when I saw the Phillies take a win that may have been the pivotal one towards the division championship.  The view (see photo at right) was very similar. More to come… DJB

Not All Who Wander Are Lost…But Many Are

I don’t normally post political items on this blog…there’s more than enough of that chatter on the Internet for me to weigh in.  Plus, I try and focus on things in More to Come… that elevate my mood. But this video that was put together on how the late night comics handled “The McCain Wander” from the second presidential debate was too funny to pass up.   Enjoy. More to come… DJB