Day: November 2, 2008

In Praise of Sligo Creek

On a beautiful fall day at the height of the fall color season, Candice and I walked through Maryland’s Sligo Creek Park today and soaked up the wonders of nature. The Washington area is blessed with parks and Rock Creek is the best known.  But where Rock Creek Park can be busy on a gorgeous day, nearby Sligo Creek Parkway – located five minutes from our front door – is a great alternative with less crowding.  So we walked for an hour, breathed the fresh air, took a few pictures of the creek and the fall foliage, and tried to just “be.”  We hope you’ll enjoy. More to come… DJB  

Wondrous Love

The old Southern Harmony tune Wondrous Love is right at the top of the list of my favorite songs no matter the genre.  I love the tune and it works in straight Sacred Harp style as well as in a more contemporary folk song.  As one person commented on a popular YouTube version of the song, Speaking here as an unashamed agnostic… This is a lovely, dignified, decorous and beautifully restrained music. To which I add, Amen. So it was a treat at our parish this morning when Andrew & Claire joined a reunion of the children’s choir and nailed a beautiful version of Wondrous Love arranged by Steve Pilkington.  These 9 teenagers were supported by a beautiful piano setting and the tasteful and restrained addition of a few hand bells.  Andrew and Claire sounded lovely, and a good friend of Andrew’s sang a beautiful descant on the last verse.  That last verse is the one that always gets me.  I think of it often and I always think of my mother, who gave me my love of music but …