Searching the Internet and Finding…The Edge of the American West

In yet another of my posts on very interesting web sites found while searching the Internet, I bring you today The Edge of the American WestThis is a site that contains writings by historians and philosophers, leading the site to suggest that “History is Philosophy teaching by examples. ”

The interests of these men and women run the gamut, if recent posts are any example.  They do a regular This Day in History type of post, one of the most recent being about the day that Richard Nixon declared he wasn’t a crook.  To give  you a sense of the politics here, the post is entitled Yes You Are.  And Also a Liar.”   There are posts on camel metaphors (having to do with choosing cabinet members), and the day in 1972 when the Dow Jones Industrial Average first closed above 1,000.  (We may be headed back there!)

But I knew this was a website worth checking when I read Aw, that could have been MY headHere the writer tells the story of how he “taught the future professional wrestler – and now Heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Champion – Brock Lesnar.”  It is a very funny post, where the writer notes that he, “was less than impressed with Lesnar’s academic potential; his essay on Kant’s anthropology of race was likely not his finest work.”

After noting that Lesnar had wrestled in college, the writer goes on to say  that:

Lesnar parlayed his amateur glory into a three-year run with World Wrestling Entertainment, during which time he evidently vaulted to the top of his profession, wrestling the likes of Hulk Hogan and The Rock on his way to becoming the youngest WWE champion in history. As I understand it, he was known for such moves as the “spinebuster,” the “scoop powerslam,” the “rear naked choke,” and something mysteriously known as “repeated turnbuckle thrusts.” His signature line, Wikipedia tells me, was “Here comes the pain!” — a phrase that I suppose I could have utilized whenever returning Mr. Lesnar’s written work.

You just can’t make this stuff up.  Check out The Edge of the American West.  You’ll probably find more than a few things of interest.

More to come…