Day: February 2, 2009

Beyond Crestfallen

Norman Chad, an Arizona Cardinals fan writing in his regular Couch Slouch column in today’s Washington Post, has a funny time line on the interminable Super Bowl pre-game show.   But the humor turns LOL funny as he talks about his Team of Destiny and gets to the winning catch: 9:27:  Warner to Larry Fitzgerald makes it 20-14.  Destiny’s knocking at the door! 9:48:  Warner to Fitzgerald again gives Arizona its first lead, 23-20.  Guess who’s coming to dinner?  Destiny!  I can’t control my breathing. 10:00:  Did Santonio Holmes really catch that?  Yes.  I am beyond crestfallen, I am crestcomatose. Crestcomatose.  Now that’s a great description for a die-hard fan’s reaction to losing. More to come… DJB