Day: May 31, 2009

Jazz Brunch

You gotta love search engines and teenagers. Today is Candice’s birthday.  She loves food and loves listening to jazz.  So I asked Andrew to find us a place for a Sunday jazz brunch. Typing “Jazz Brunch Washington DC” into Google turned up a range of options.  We skimmed them, realized that Chef Geoff’s in Wesley Heights was a five minute drive from the Cathedral, made sure there was something on the menu for everyone, and then Andrew made our online reservations. Just like that we had our birthday plans covered and earlier today were introduced to a new (for us) restaurant in Washington.   The two guitar & bass jazz trio was good.  The food was vary tasty.  And the time to celebrate with Candice couldn’t have been better. All in all, a delightful way to spend a couple of hours on a beautiful spring Sunday. More to come… DJB