Day: September 11, 2010

Hiking to Phelps Lake

I was fortunate to spend today in some of the most beautiful country America has to offer:  The Grand Tetons. And within Grand Teton National Park, the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve is a special place, with its sagebrush meadows, cool forests, life-giving wetlands, and the beautiful Phelps Lake.  I hiked there today with friends and two wonderful National Park Service rangers. It was a wet day.  We hiked in rain, sleet, and some mixture of the two.  However, it seemed the sun would come out at just the right time.  All that didn’t really matter.  We accepted the weather and enjoyed the Preserve as we found it. Along the way I took pictures of trees with bear claws, the stream that runs from the lake all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and – of course – the Teton range.  The mountains were topped with snow that fell just last evening. It is one of America’s special places. Enjoy the photos. More to come… DJB