Our Year in Photos – 2010

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’m continuing my tradition of posting photos from throughout the past 12 months on More to Come…

The Browns have so much to be thankful for this year: the love of family, our health, an exciting curiosity about life today and what’s next for each of us, good friends, and so many opportunities.  These pictures give just a glimpse of what we’ve experienced in 2010.

To read the caption, simply place your cursor over the picture and it will magically appear.  At the top of the post is a photo of the four of us at the lake at Mohonk Mountain House this past August, where we spent a wonderful weekend unwinding in the midst of a two-week trip to look at colleges.

Thanksgiving blessings to you.  I hope you enjoy the photographs.

More to come…


Images in Black and White

I’ve always loved black-and-white photography.

In college I learned my way around a dark room and can still remember the thrill of seeing a photo appear on a blank piece of paper submerged in a tray of chemicals.

So naturally, I was overjoyed when our daughter Claire – then a freshman in high school – expressed interest in learning old-style black-and-white photography.

Over the course of the past three years, she’s produced some wonderful pictures.  She has a great eye and has become more adventuresome each year.

Now as she wraps up her work in high school, she’s put together a small gallery of 12 photos from her class.  Click on the link and you’ll see what she’s posted.

And I’ll end below with a photo of Claire’s that’s now on prominent display in her school’s gallery.  This is a picture she took this summer at Mohonk Mountain House which looks like a time piece out of the 1940s. Can you tell…I think she’s great!

More to come…


Ave Verum Corpus – Music Made for a Cathedral

Yesterday Andrew and Claire were confirmed in a magnificent service on a beautiful fall day at the National Cathedral.

There’s so much I could cover:  The pageantry.  The three bishops.   The time spent with godparents and their families.  The wonderful discernment process that our Assistant Rector, The Rev. Jered Weber-Johnson, led the twins through over the past two years.  The personal thoughts that ranged from a baptismal service with two infants some 17 years ago to confirmation with two beautiful and talented young adults whom I admire for their thoughtfulness and integrity.

Instead (no surprise) I want to talk about the music.

The Cathedral Singers – comprised of women sopranos and gentlemen in the counter tenor, tenor, and bass roles – were in residence for yesterday’s service.  Their work was beautiful throughout.

But when they sang William Byrd’s Ave Verum Corpus, I just closed my eyes and listened to the wonderful melodies that come together in that magnificent piece reverberate around in the acoustics.  When they finished, I turned to Claire’s godfather and said, “There’s no better music for a cathedral.”

So today, Andrew and I were catching a bite to eat and he said, “I’m so glad they sang Ave Verum at the service yesterday.”  I laughed at how our thoughts converged, and then we launched into a five-minute discussion of how we were both singing along with the choir (I had the tenor line covered, while Andrew was channeling his old chorister days and was handling the soprano.)  Andrew said, “that piece has the BEST alto lines” and right in the middle of Montgomery Mall we began singing the alto line we both loved.

Just so you, dear reader, can also hear this wonderful music, I’ve posted a video of the Tallis Scholars’ version of Ave Verum Corpus following the picture of Claire, Andrew, Bishop Eastman, two of Claire’s godparents, Candice and me taken after yesterday’s service.  Enjoy.

More to come…