Day: May 1, 2013

Island Hopping

The past two days we’ve visited two islands on our tour of European Coastal Civilizations:  the beautiful Belle-Ile in France and the equally intriguing British island of Guernsey. In the spirit of “quick posts” from the field, I’ll include three pictures, with “more to come” after our return home over the weekend. The first two are of Belle-Ile:  a detail from the very impressive Citadel restoration and a view of the town. The final one shows a German gun placement on a Napoleonic ruin along the rugged Guernsey coast. Our tours were very different in style and topic, with Belle-Ile focused on the beauty of the island and its coastline.  In Guernsey we toured sites of the German occupation of WWII, in anticipation of today’s visit to the beaches at Normandy. This will probably be the last post from the trip until we return home, so thanks for checking in and look forward to one or two more extensive follow-up posts…with many more pictures…in the coming days. More to come… DJB