Month: November 2013

Our Year in Photos – 2013

As we enter Thanksgiving week, I continue our tradition of posting family photographs from the past year on More to Come…. And in 2013, we have much for which to be thankful. Andrew and Claire passed the half-way point of their college adventures.  Both are now juniors, happily thriving on their respective coasts.  They were home this summer for internships, and we were pleased to welcome a number of their friends from around the country.  Candice and I made strides in living a healthier lifestyle, and were privileged to travel to several wonderful places around the country and the world. The photos below give a glimpse of what we experienced in 2013. Take your cursor  and hover over the picture to pick up the caption.  We hope you enjoy the photos, beginning with the one at the top from an August trip to Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Fallingwater.  As we enter this new holiday season, Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours. More to come… DJB

Community Pride – With Meaning

These are words you don’t often hear in today’s America: “We would like to see this community come to be not the cheapest in America, but the very best community of its size in the country.” Last week I was in Indiana for the National Preservation Conference – the National Trust’s annual gathering of preservationists from around the country. I’ve been in this field for quite some time, and this year marked my 37th conference.  I’ve seen and heard a great deal at these sessions…but I can’t recall how long it has been since I was as moved as I was by Will Miller’s closing remarks at last Saturday’s luncheon in Columbus, Indiana. The story of how industrialist J. Irwin Miller and the Cummins  Engine Foundation came to pay the architectural fees for public buildings designed by world-class architects has been told countless times.  Architecture buffs and cultural travelers now flock to Columbus by the millions annually to see some 70 modernist buildings along with a Victorian Main Street and historic neighborhoods. This treasure trove …