Day: October 6, 2014

In Doug We Trust

See you tomorrow! The Nationals finally played a sharp, aggressive game; had a great effort from pitcher Doug Fister; and turned the tables on the Giants when Madison Bumgarner took a sacrifice bunt and made an errant throw into the left field corner. Two runs later the Nats had a lead that quickly grew to three, and all of a sudden it appears we have a series! Bryce’s bomb in the 9th came tantalizingly close to McCovey Cove (how cool would that have been), but his sliding catch a couple of innings earlier was probably more important, as it helped keep the Giants scoreless at the time. We’ll have another game tomorrow.  Can’t ask for anything else this time of year. As Harper said to begin his post-game interview, “In Doug we trust.” Indeed! More to come… DJB