Day: May 26, 2016

Look Beyond Borders

Amnesty International has posted a powerful video experiment to help all of us think about refugees as people, and not just as someone different from us. The video “is based on a theory that four minutes of uninterrupted eye contact increases intimacy.”  The theory, developed by psychologist Arthur Aron in 1997, was applied by Amnesty International to the refugee crisis, sitting refugees from Syria and Somalia opposite people from Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland and the UK, with overwhelmingly positive results.  Here’s how the group describes its work: We decided to conduct a simple experiment during which refugees and Europeans sat across from each other and looked each other in the eyes. We recorded these very human encounters and the short film speaks for itself. Indeed it does speak powerfully for itself.  Do yourself a favor and watch these four minutes.  It is a good reminder of our common humanity, which seems to be in short supply in this political season. More to come… DJB