In Praise of Sligo Creek

On a beautiful fall day at the height of the fall color season, Candice and I walked through Maryland’s Sligo Creek Park today and soaked up the wonders of nature.

The Washington area is blessed with parks and Rock Creek is the best known.  But where Rock Creek Park can be busy on a gorgeous day, nearby Sligo Creek Parkway – located five minutes from our front door – is a great alternative with less crowding. 

So we walked for an hour, breathed the fresh air, took a few pictures of the creek and the fall foliage, and tried to just “be.”  We hope you’ll enjoy.

More to come…



3 Responses

  1. […] where great neighborhoods are within walking distance of a revitalizing downtown and beautiful Sligo Creek and a short metro ride away from downtown Washington (which has its own share of great […]

  2. DJB, What a great picture! I work for a nonprofit coalition of government agencies, environmental groups, businesses etc,working to clean up and restore the Anacostia watershed (of which Sligo Creek is a part). We put on an annual report in which we say how the we’re doing. I love your picture of Sligo Creek–could I use it in the report? It certainly would not be used in any profit-making way, just for informing the public how we are doing with the restoration. Dana Minerva, Executive Director

    • Dana, Glad you liked it. Feel free to use it…and thanks for the good work you are doing on the Anacostia. DJB

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