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Addressing the challenges of our polarized times

Let’s dream again

“Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed— / Let it be that great strong land of love / Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme / That any man be crushed by one above.” Langston Hughes from “Let America Be America Again” I miss an America where we live into our dreams. An America that sets its aspirations high. We have a chance tomorrow to take the first steps in what will be a very long journey to return to the pathway where so many American dreams reside. We can take those steps toward a place and time where we talk once again about community, sharing, and fairness, instead of falling back on the language of wanting, winning, or simply taking. To an America where there is: Belief in the common good. Commitment to the well-being of the community that is every bit as strong as the commitment to our individual prosperity. Decency shown to everyone, whether they look like us or not. Generosity, given out of our abundance. We can take those steps …