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For the past two decades, New Year’s Day has had memories of loss mixed in with the anticipation of the coming year.  Mother passed away on January 1, 1998, and while a day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of her, the memories are especially poignant on New Year’s Day. Thankfully, mother’s life left many legacies in her family, her church, and her community.  Mom’s love of family never changed and was unconditional. She loved each one of us as individuals who had unique gifts and ways to serve. The lives lived by her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren (who she never met) and in-laws are part of her legacy. Her commitment to her faith and her church was just as strong.  She was a life-long reader (as was my father) and she shared that love through her decades of service at church libraries in Tennessee.  She also believed in the power of women in the church, and became the first female deacon at First Baptist in Murfreesboro.  Mom served her communities in so many ways, …

My Mama Done Told Me – Part II

My cousin Marcia wrote after reading my original post entitled My Mama Done Told Me to pass along some of her favorite sayings of our Grandmother – Mary Dixie Brown. You can only afford what you pay for. You have to suffer to be beautiful. And the Sir Walter Scott quote, “Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive.” Marcia also reminded me that Grandmother liked to use the Uncle Remus quote when she first saw you in the morning: How’s your copperosity sagaciating? Grandmother loved words and the sound of words. My love of her and my father is the main reason we used her maiden name “Bearden” for Andrew’s middle name, a name he shares with his Grandfather. More to come… DJB

My Mama Done Told Me

Yesterday’s mail included a package from my father with a note and three CDs.   My father likes to make “remarks” at family gatherings, and so recently he compiled a number of those comments, plus other letters and notes of personal meaning to him, and sent them all on CDs to his children, grandchildren, and close friends.  I’ve spent more than a few minutes crying this morning as I’ve read through remembrances he wrote of my mother. One of the things he passed along on the CD was a compilation of things his mother – my grandmother – told him through the years.  He titled it My Mama Done Told Me after the line from the great Ella Fitzgerald’s Blues in the Night. My grandmother, Mary Dixie Bearden Brown (pictured as a young bride with my grandfather, George Brown), was a wise woman, and I remember so many things about her.  She lived with us the last 10 years of her life, but she was always one of my favorite people from the time I was a little …