Beach Bums and Ferris Bueller…A Perfect Combination

Matching Parents We’ve been beach bums during our staycation for the past three days…and it has been wonderfully relaxing.  A short three-day-two-night jaunt to nearby Bethany Beach, Delaware was Claire’s contribution to the “let the family build a stay-at-home (almost) vacation around activities each wants to do.”

So, what did we do?

Not much.

We laid out on the beach for hours on end, reading, enjoying the breezes, and getting up for an occasional Kohr Brothers frozen custard cone.  (Make mine vanilla, dipped in chocolate, please.)  We walked around the town at night.  We ate really good food (truly) both nights…but the best was at Patsy’s in Bethany Beach on Tuesday evening.  I was able to have my soft shell crabs.  We watched a good friend and her group compete on America’s Got Talent (a first for me…and probably a last).

Claire thought it would be funny to post the picture of Candice and me walking down the street with the title of “Matching Parents” on Instagram…and immediately picked up a number of “likes.”  Candice and I just told her we were dressing comfortably!

And then we did more of nothing.

But Claire wasn’t finished.  When we arrived home, after a quick trip to wash the car, we headed down to NoMa (North of Massachusetts Avenue) for the NoMaBID’s weekly  Summer Screen 2013 showing of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at an open lot near the NoMa Metro station.  (Only bummer of the entire three days…we saw a young lady get her iPhone ripped off right in front of us.  We tried to help by calling the Metro police and helping her track the jerk – but we don’t know how it ended.)

The food from the food trucks at the Summer Screen event was terrific (love those fish tacos), and the movie is a hoot.  The best part?  Watching half of a city block full of people in NoMa get up and do the twist during the movie’s “Twist and Shout” scene.

To keep in the Beach Bum/Leisure Rules theme, let’s enjoy Ferris singing one more time.

More to come…