Hot Stove League

It is 30 degrees outside, we’re approaching winter solstice, so naturally a young man’s thoughts turn to…baseball!

Yesterday at work I used the term Hot Stove League in a memo to some colleagues, referring to rumors about projects that were heating up.  A friend who loves baseball said she wasn’t familiar with the term, so as is usual I sent her the link from Wikipedia.  According to that source of all knowledge:

The Hot Stove League is a baseball-related term, referring to the off-season. Therefore, it is not actually a “league”, but the term instead calls up images of baseball fans, anxious for the start of the new season, gathering around a hot stove during the cold winter months discussing their favorite baseball teams. The term has also come to refer to the wave of off-season player transactions (trades, re-signings, free agency, etc.) that occur between seasons, especially during the winter meetings.  Since most free agent signings and trades occur during the off-season, this time of significant player transactions (including rumors and speculation about possible trades), is often referred to as the “Hot Stove League” or sometimes more simply “Hot Stove”. Essentially, teams continue competing, except it is the team owners and general managers who are doing the playing, with the score being in terms of human resource losses and gains.

So why am I writing about the Hot Stove LeagueIt could be from the depression of the Yankees announcing their bank-breaking deals this week to C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett (what is it with all the initials?) while the home-standing Washington Nationals were making marginal signings at best.  The Nats – to their credit – did make a serious play for home-town player  Mark Teixeira who would be a big fish if they could land him.  However, I suspect all they’ve done is forced the Boston Red Sox to pay more money in the end.  I saw Teixeira play this summer when he was with the Braves, and he’s the real deal.  I just wish the Nationals would spend a little more of the Lerner’s money to land several good players and make the team competitive.  But until that happens, I’ll just focus on passing along baseball trivia to friends and maybe pop Bull Durham – my vote for best baseball movie ever – into the DVD player.

More to come…


3 Responses

  1. Hey, thanks for the add onto your blogroll. We’ve got to keep the community of baseball lovers thriving. Also, as a fellow guitar player, thanks for keeping the dream alive.

    Don’t get too expectant on the Nats getting Teixeira, while if they did I am sure he’d get a bigger inauguration than President-elect Obama will.

    Stay in touch,

    Politics, Baseball and Junk

    • Thanks for the comment, Wyatt. Given the state of the Nats, I’m not sure who would face the tougher set of problems upon his arrival in Washington – Obama or Teixeira.

      I love the PB&J blog – starting with the name. PB&J has always been my favorite sandwich and you guys are writing some great posts. Keep it up.


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