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Inauguration Planning – Sites to See Off the Mall

Well, our little place on earth is getting pretty excited about the next ten days.  Washington is making plans to keep Virginians from coming into the city.  (I would have thought they’d be treated better since they actually voted for Obama, going blue for the first time since Jamestown was founded, or so it seems.)   While Candice and I will be passing each other in the airport on the way to and from town, the children are busy making their plans.  Claire has a good friend on Capitol Hill, so she’s already set for a sleepover and a morning hike to the mall.   Andrew is vacillating between hiking to the mall with friends and watching it all in the comfort of the restored AFI Theatre on the big screen.   I just hope I can see the actual ceremony before I have to head out of town.

But for those looking for something to do in Washington during the inaugural week, my organization, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has put together a great list of “off the beaten track” ideas of historic sites and great places to visit.   And even if you can’t be in Washington, I recommend you take a look at the Lincoln’s Washington videos with Preservation magazine editor James Schwartz.  This is a companion piece to the article In Search of Lincoln’s Washington  in this month’s magazine.  And also learn about some great DC-area neighborhoods in the PreservationNation.org blog.  Brookland and Capitol Hill are featured as of today, and more stories are in the works.

We live in a great place…and these pieces give a hint of all there is to see.

More to come…


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