Santiago Calatrava’s Dublin Bridges (And More) By Dawn’s Early Light

Samuel Beckett Bridge 2010 DublinI am blessed with two talented children who teach me so much every day.  Claire has an imaginative and artistic eye that she uses to great effect in her photography of buildings and landscapes.  Andrew has been fascinated by architecture since he was a toddler and stood in our hall to carefully run his hand over the curved beaded siding on our wall.  As a preservationist and father, I love talking with them about their passions.

So when Andrew texted me on Friday morning to say, “Dad, there are two Santiago Calatrava-designed bridges in Dublin,” I knew they must be special.  I wanted to see them not only based on Andrew’s message, but because I had seen the Spanish-born Calatrava’s Milwaukee Art Museum (a building I’ll be in again in a few weeks) and was intrigued as to  how he handled his designs in this city of bridges.

To make a long story short, I left in dawn’s early light this morning and went on a 1 1/2 hour walk, beginning at Calatrava’s James Joyce Bridge (2003) and ending at his still-to-be-completed Samuel Beckett Bridge (2010 – in the photo above).  In between I took photos of each of the bridges on Dublin’s River Liffey.  (Warning:  I’m not as good a photographer as Claire.)  Enjoy this look at Dublin’s River Liffey bridges – in their order on the river and in the dawn’s early light.  (If you put your cursor over the picture you should see the name and date of the bridge.  And keep looking, as the best – the Irish harp shaped Beckett bridge – is saved until last.)

More to come…


James Joyce Bridge Dublin

James Joyce Bridge Dublin

James Joyce Bridge Dublin

Liam Mellowes Bridge 1768 Dublin

Fr. Mathew Bridge 1818 Dublin

O'Donovan Rossa Bridge 1816 Dublin

Grattan Bridge 1875 Dublin 091309

Millennium Footbridge 1999 Dublin

Liffey (Ha' Penny) Bridge 1816 Dublin

O'Connell Bridge 1880 Dublin

Butt Bridge 1932 Dublin

Talbot Memorial Bridge 1978 Dublin

Sean O'Casey Bridge 2005 Dublin

Samuel Beckett Bridge 2010 Dublin

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  5. Well done thanks for sharing them. nice way to spend the sunrise! vincent. dublin ireland

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