This Place Matters – Vote for Your Favorites

Miller's GroceryWhat do you get when you ask the public to download a simple sign, find a place that is important to them, photograph themselves in front of that place holding the sign and then download it to the Internet?

You get This Place Matters.

More than 2,000 people took the National Trust for Historic Preservation (full disclosure: my employer) up on their offer, and the results are fascinating.  When you have some time, go to the site, click on the slide show, and sit back and watch.  I guarantee you’ll love it!

And now, the Trust is having a This Place Matters photo contest where you can go online and vote once per day for your favorite This Place Matters photo.  The top three photographers win a digital camera.  (Full disclosure:  I am not eligible.)

You can guess which photo I’m voting for: Miller’s Grocery (shown above) in Christiana, Tennessee.  (Full disclosure:  I do not know the photographer or the subject.)  I just love this picture. Perhaps it is because it comes from my home state (another disclosure).  Perhaps I can just see myself sitting on the bench of a Tennessee country store with my dog by my side.

For whatever reason, I’m going online every day and voting for Miller’s Grocery.  But you should view all 12 finalists and choose your own favorite.  Perhaps you’ll fall for the kids in the Bronx.   San Antonio’s old Humble Oil station may grab your heart.  Or who knows, you may start crying reading the story of Hugh Smalling’s grave in Macon, Georgia.

The deadline for the contest is October 9th, but it is never too late to download a This Place Matters sign, find something that has special meaning and upload a photo at to tell the world about a place that matters to you.  (Full disclosure:  That’s me to the right in the photo below.  It was not chosen as a finalist.)

More to come…


This Place Matters, Easton, MD

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