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Is This A Great Country or What?

Vintage Roadside 2009 TourIf you have had it up to here with screaming right-wing talk show hosts or pontificating left-wing bloggers or just three days of rain, I have the perfect antidote:  the Vintage Roadside 2009 Road Trip Slide Show.

Each year Jeff and Kelly from Vintage Roadside travel the back roads from Portland, Oregon to the host city of the National Preservation Conference and take pictures and blog about the experience.  (Vintage Roadside makes great t-shirts that honor the wonderful mom-and-pop roadside attractions, motor courts, motels, tiki lounges, drive-in restaurants, bowling alleys and roller-skating rinks found along America’s back roads.)  This year the trip took them to Nashville, Tennessee.  You will laugh out loud, you will be amazed at the quirky attractions that still remain on America’s roadsides, and you’ll marvel at what a diverse country we live in.  So take my recommendation – visit their slide show and spend a few minutes with this great country.

Thanks Jeff and Kelly.  It was wonderful to spend a bit of time with you in Nashville.  Thanks for what you do to support the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  I’ll see you in March in Portland and next October in Austin.

More to come…


Vintage Roadside Flickr Slide Show

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