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Snapshots (visual and otherwise) from the road, including…

#1 – We all laughed when we saw the bumper sticker pictured at the top of the post in Brattleboro, VT – that hot bed of liberalism – which reads, “Caution!  I don’t Brake for Right Wing Nut Jobs!”

#2 – The best food in America is being served in small, independent cafes and restaurants.  Our two-week streak of not eating in a chain restaurant is intact!

#3 – Just about the best turkey sandwich I’ve ever eaten was made at Amy’s Bakery Arts Cafe in Brattleboro.  The turkey was perfect, and the cranberry chutney and sourdough bread only made it better.

#4 – After hearing about the wonderful Ragged Mountain Club in New Hampshire from our friends John and Bizzy Lane for decades, we finally made a visit and found out they were right on the money.  What a great place to spend a summer!  Andrew swam across the pond, making that the second body of water he’s crossed on this vacation (the first being Lake Mohonk in New York).  God, I wish I could swim like my children.

#5 – We’ve just arrived in downtown Portland, Maine, and what a great place! The Old Port Historic District is hopping.  We’re staying at the wonderful Portland Regency Hotel, located in a historic armory.  The Regency is yet another terrific member of the Historic Hotels of America group.

#6 – It made my day when the lovely young server at Mornings in Paris handed me two beautiful cups of cappuccino this evening, and then smiled at me and said, “Damn, those look good!”  She was right.

We’re down to the last four college visits, plus the Maine coast.  I’m having a lot of fun!

More to come…


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