Adding Another Calatrava to the Collection

I was heading out of Dallas to Ft. Worth this morning, when I caught a glimpse of a signature white bridge crossing the Trinity River.  Could it be a Calatrava?

No sooner had the thought crossed my mind, when a friend across the aisle said, “That’s the new Calatrava bridge which just opened here.  Yes!

I knew then what my late afternoon schedule would include: a trip to photograph yet another Santiago Calatrava creation for my small but growing collection.

I began photographing Calatrava bridges while on a 2009 trip to Dublin, Ireland, where two of his signature bridges cross the River Liffey.  My son Andrew is a big Calatrava fan and had alerted me to the existence of the bridges in Dublin.

A couple of weeks later I was in Milwaukee, and was fortunate to be able to photograph the “flapping” of the wings of the Calatrava-designed Milwaukee Museum of Art.  That blog  has been one of the most popular I’ve ever posted, as web surfers have found the images online.

So on a beautiful spring day in Dallas, I visited the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge over the Trinity River – the first of three planned Calatrava designs for the city’s Trinity River Project.  The central span – a graceful curve – adds a beautiful sculptural element to the city’s skyline.

Enjoy the photographs.

More to come…


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