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Happy 21st, Claire and Andrew!

Today – December 20th – Claire and Andrew celebrate their 21st birthday.

How did that happen?!

It seems like their 20th birthday was just yesterday, and here it is – a year later – and we are celebrating their “legal” ascension to adulthood. Of course, truth be told, it really seems as if they just left the house for the first day of kindergarten.

In celebration of the twins’ 21st birthday, join us on this visual walk through their lives (so far!) with a picture from each of their 21 years.  As always, just hold your cursor over the picture to see the caption.

Let’s begin with that very short…but very important…birth year of 1992.


Andrew and Claire's First Christmas 12 25 92


Andrew and Claire in my favorite baby picture 1993


Claire at Easter 1994

Andrew on SC Beach 1994


Andrew and Claire July 1995


Andrew and Claire Cropped October 1996


Andrew and Claire on Godmother Katharine's Porch October 1997


The Browns October 1998


Thanksgiving Pilgrims at CES


Halloween 2000


Catching Crabs 2001

Andrew and Claire Fall 2001


Andrew and Claire with piano teacher Bert Wirth in 2002


Claire and Andrew at the Cathedral, Fall 2003


Claire and Andrew at the Beach, August 2004


Andrew and Claire at the House 2005


Andrew and Margaret Potter - Cathedral Head Choristers - 2006

Claire and Maria at the River House 2006

Monster Cone 2006


Claire CES Graduation 2007 (2)


Andrew at the Ocean in South Africa

Lilly and Claire at Blessing of Animals 100408

Rio Grande Rafting 2008


Claire & Andrew June 2009


Concert at the Cathedral 102010 002


Andrew's High School Graduation


The Brown Family - 2012

Claire in Stockholm Ice Bar 2012

Andrew in Spain 2012


Halloween 2013

It has been a great ride, guys. We are both so proud of you – the people you are and all you have accomplished. We can’t wait to see what the next 21 years will bring.


Mom & Dad

More to come…


Top image of the family at Fallingwater.

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