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Eating Our Way Cross-Country

Dungeness Crab Tater TotsWhatever mind came up with the idea of Dungeness Crab Tater Tots with Crème Fraiche…I like the way that mind works!

Careful readers will have noted that Claire and I are eating our way cross-country on the Not All Who Wander Are Lost tour. Heck, you don’t even have to be that careful…we’ve been all over the food.  We’ve gone local with dollar hot dogs at Progressive Field in Cleveland. We carbo loaded in Chicago. Don’t even get me started on the cheese and cream in Wisconsin.  One of the highest read posts of this series has been the You Want Nutrition…Eat Carrots! note from Madison. Once we made it to Seattle (how did we do that without exploding?!) we went vegan at Plum Bistro. Suffice it to say, we’ve eaten local and we’ve eaten well.

Last night, at the wonderful Chalkboard restaurant in Healdsburg (thank you again Yelp!) Claire and I thought to actually take pictures of each serving of the small plates we were splitting for dinner. The Crab Tater Tots were what lured us to the restaurant…but they weren’t the only treats.

So I’m posting these in the order they showed up on our table. It isn’t a coincidence that as we moved through the evening, we dived into the next offering before remembering to photograph the plate.  So with apologies (I guess) to the chef on messing up the presentation, here goes our wonderful evening out.

After the Dungeness Crab Tater Tots (and don’t forget the Crème Fraiche), came our salads.  First up:  a cucumber and avocado salad with cherry tomatoes, radish, and toasted seeds….

Cucumber and Avocado Salad

…followed by the delicious chopped salad.

Chopped Salad

The salads were followed by a pasta, the Bucatini with gulf shrimp, peppers, roasted garlic, chive, and uni butter.

Bucatini pasta

Whew…we barely remembered to photograph that course, as it was so delicious. Well, we followed that with Grilled Brentwood Corn topped with a delicious chipolte crema.

Grilled Brentwood Corn

Did I mention that we enjoyed all of this with a glass of the Kinsella Zinfandel (me) and the Bear Republic IPA (Claire)?  You would think that two people, having eaten this much food, would call it quits for the night. But then, you don’t know Claire and me when we are on a food journey. And, you wouldn’t know that Chalkboard serves donuts for dessert!

Chalkboard doughnuts

Oh my…this was the kiss of death.  Claire and I decided that we wouldn’t eat for another 24 hours.  That is, until we realized we had three good restaurant recommendations in Healdsburg and only two meals left in this town before heading to San Francisco – where we have about 8 food recommendations for a two-night stay!

I did go to the gym this morning, but I believe it may have been a case of too little, too late.

Just think of us as your cross-country food reporters taking one for the team.

More to come…


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