Before World Series Game 2 begins…

BaseballBefore tonight’s Game 2 of the 2015 World Series begins, just a couple more random thoughts to add to last evening’s post.

First of all, do yourself a favor and read Joe Posnanski’s column about Game 1. Posnanski worked for a long time in Kansas City and he understands the Royals.  Here are the first three paragraphs to whet your appetite.

The Royals lost Game 1 of the World Series to the New York Mets many times on Tuesday night. They lost it when two-time Gold Glove first baseman Eric Hosmer could not decide whether to charge or back off a chopping groundball. They lost it when their No. 3 hitter Lorenzo Cain inexplicably tried to bunt the tying run from second base to third with nobody out. They lost it when manager Ned Yost decided to pinch run for the team’s best slugger Kendrys Morales, leaving the team with the punchless Jarrod Dyson in the middle of the lineup. They lost it when the Mets sent their unhittable pitcher with his Hollywood name — Jeurys Familia — to close things out.

The Royals lost it and lost it, but in the end, as, the video board boomed, “Royals WIN!” because … well … they did. There’s a story about Stanley Ketchel, a staggeringly tough early 20th century boxer who was murdered a few hours up the road in a farm town called Conway, Mo. When his manager and New York man-about-town Billy Mizner was told that Ketchel had been killed, he shrugged. “Tell ‘em to start counting to 10,” Mizner said. “He’ll get up.”

So it goes with these Royals. They kept losing the game but every time the Mets started counting to 10 … the Royals got up.

Just read it.

Second, my father (one of my loyal readers) saw last evening’s post and then sent me the following email:

According to TV the no. 1 medical problem is ED.  Daddy

What a hoot!

I’m not going to live blog tonight’s game, as much as I might enjoy it.  I fear another 14-inning marathon, and I want to have the option of going to bed early.

Finally, enjoy the Kansas City Symphony and Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

Play ball!

More to come…


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