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Location, Location, Location

Take a look at this map:

MLB Fan map

Do you have any idea what information is being conveyed?  (Hint:  Think about the time of year).

If you suspect you have the answer, click here to see if you are right.

This map came to me from a colleague from the National Trust, and I think I was stumped because this wasn’t what I would call “within his area of expertise” (or interest).

If you are still reading and haven’t clicked through to the website, it maps where Major League Baseball fans live in the United States, by county.  Now that you know the answer, click through to the article above and learn some other fun facts, such as which MLB team’s fans live in the most counties and the most out-of-state counties, the largest land mass covered by a fan base, and the state with the most number of teams.  (That last one is Pennsylvania.)

“Though it is home to only two teams, no state is the site of fiercer competition than Pennsylvania, which has its allegiance split across seven different teams. The Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates hold 26 Pennsylvania counties apiece, with strongholds on their respective sides of the state (Phillies to the east, Pirates to the west). The Orioles, Indians, Yankees, Blue Jays, and Nationals split the remainder of the state.”

Opening Day is past but we are still within the window of what the MLB Network calls “Opening Week!”

Go Nats!

More to come…


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  1. Debbie Crocker says


    Very interesting. Looks like The Braves have a good following! It’s where you and Mom caught the baseball bug!


    • DJB says

      Yes, the reach of the Superstation really made the Braves a household name throughout the Southeast. It was fun watching those games on TBS with Mom and listening to Skip Carey and the gang. DJB

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