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May Your Kindness Remain

Saturday Soundtrack: Courtney Marie Andrews

In the summer of 2018, I had the chance to hear alt-country singer Courtney Marie Andrews live at a small venue in Washington, DC. Andrews was touring to showcase her just released album May Your Kindness Remain, and I was impressed by the honesty of the lyrics, the soulful power of her vocals, and—perhaps most importantly—the defiance in the songs. It was a defiance that pushed back against melancholy. Against the struggles we all face. The acoustic version of Took You Up is a good example of her work. And the lyrics of May Your Kindness Remain speak to the connectivity she finds with people while living the life of the road musician. You’re a good woman, and a good friendYou’ve got a good heart, even when it’s busted and bentLipstick and perfume, underground queenWearing loneliness like a costume, for the whole world to seeAnd if your money runs out, and your good looks fadeMay your kindness remain . . . The richest of people aren’t rich with houses, cars, or fameNo, they’re not rich with something that can …