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Nats vs. Mets – On Any Given Night

One of the great things about baseball is that on any given night, the worst team in the league has a decent chance at beating the best teams in the league.  You may believe that’s true in any sport, but think about how often you see a lousy NBA team give a top-notch NBA team a close game.  I can’t think of many times.  However, with baseball you see it virtually every night.

And tonight’s no exception.  I’ve been doing chores and keeping my eye on the televised game between the Washington Nationals and the New York Metropolitans .  The last time I checked, the Nats were battling the Mariners and the Padres for the worst record in baseball.  The Mets, on the other hand, had the third best record in the National League and were leading the East.

So the Mets jump off to a 2-0 lead and you think to yourself, “Uh-oh, it is going to be a long night.”  Well, that’s true, but not for the reason you think.  Everytime the Mets pull ahead the Nats battle right back.  They tie the game 2-2.  The Mets go up 5-2.  In a crazy 4th inning, the Nats send 9 batters to the plate when they could be excused for folding their tent and they end the inning leading 7-5.  But the Mets are good, and the very next inning they come back to tie the score at 7-7.  (That’s right, 7 runs scored between them in the 4th.)  In the 5th the Nats add another run to go up 8-7…and that’s where it stands as they head into the bottom of the 6th.  I have no idea how it will turn out, but it is a fun game to watch.

As retired Orioles manager Earl Weaver said, “This ain’t a football game.  We do this every day.”  And because they do it 162 times a year, when you check in on a game you’ve got a decent chance of seeing a good game, no matter the seasonal stats of the participants.

Whoops – Mets go up 10-8 in the bottom of the 6th with their 4th home run of the game.  Go Nats!

More to come…


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  1. Oh well…at the end of the night, former Nat Luis Ayala shuts down the Nats in the 9th, and they fall 10-8. Still a fun game to watch, and they do keep it close.


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