Random Ridge

Double Rainbow at Glen Ellen

Double Rainbow at Glen Ellen

I just heard from my good friend Susan in California.  Her note reminded me of a wonderful time that my daughter Claire and I had a couple of years ago at Susan and her husband Bill’s vineyard and winery on the Sonoma/Napa border.  Susan was writing to say she enjoyed the blog and that she loved baseball, acoustic music, historic places, and teenagers.  Hey, she’s my target audience!  This is a post to connections and friends.

Susan is a preservation lawyer.  Bill is a surfer, poet, and winemaker.  Their wonderful wine is Random Ridge and Claire and I enjoyed a delightful lunch and afternoon at their winery a year or two ago with the staff and families of the Western Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The day was rainy (hence the appropriateness of Susan’s photo of the double rainbow at Glen Ellen) but the friendship was warm.  Claire and the other children enjoyed playing with Susan’s dog and marveling at Bill’s ceilings made of surfboards.  The adults enjoyed the wine, food from the nearby town of Glen Ellen, and conversation. 

Since wine isn’t one of the things I claim expertise in (although I do enjoy it), don’t take my word on Random Ridge.  Gourmet magazine has written, "…the Zinfandels of such tiny producers as Lore Olds at Sky and Bill Hawley at Random Ridge are memorable of course…"   Candice has 30+ years of Gourmet , so they are like the Bible in our kitchen.  If you are in California, search for some Random Ridge on the wine list.  (It is available in a few places outside the Bay area .)   And if California isn’t in your plans, then simply connect with a friend this weekend and enjoy the company.

More to come…


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