An Art Deco Masterpiece

Today’s opening plenary of the National Preservation Conference was held in the spectacular Boston Avenue Church – a National Historic Landmark and Art Deco masterpiece.  Seldom have I been so surprised – and moved – by an interior.

The church was built in 1929 and is filled with great detail large and small.  I took numerous pictures of the interior, several of which I’ve posted.  Today has been a gray, rainy day in Tulsa, so the exterior shot doesn’t show off the building at its best. 

The stunning setting was a great place to hear the Cherokee Youth Choir, with a group of middle-school and high-school boys and girls who sang three beautiful songs in their native Cherokee. 

The keynote speaker was Chief Wilma Mankiller of the Cherokee Nation.  She gave a terrific talk about indigenous people, ending with the old Mohawk proverb:

It is hard to see the future with tears in your eyes.

More to come…











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  1. It was a great event and a GREAT setting. While I am mindful that I almost ALWAY agree with your take on things, I would have switched the description of the Cherokee Youth Choir to be middle school and high school GIRLS and boys (since the group was overwhelmingly female). But hey, I can hear the retort already: “Dolores, get your OWN blog!” so I’ll end here. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. You’re right, they don’t capture all the beauty, but they do hint @ it.

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