A Year in Photos

This Thanksgiving I’ve posted some photos from the past 12 months as a reminder of the many things for which we are thankful.  Scroll over the top of the photo for a description.  Click on the photo for a full-screen view.

Happy Thanksgiving.

More to come…


Candice & Margaret Cooking at Thanksgiving 2007


David at the Taj Mahal


David takes his first elephant ride in India last December


Andrew and Claire at the Bridge at Concord, March 2008


 Andrew in South Africa, June 2006


Acoma Sky City, August 2008, Photo by Claire


Coming down the Padres' Trail at Acoma Sky City, August 2008


Standing on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona


Grand Canyon Scene, August 2008, Photo by Andrew


Grand Canyon view, August 2008, Photo by Claire


At Mesa Verde, August 2008


Ready for Rafting on the Rio Grande in New Mexico


Rio Grande Rafting, with Hank the Guide


A Guitar Study, Photo by Claire


Lilly is blessed by Dean Sam Lloyd at the National Cathedral, St. Francis Day


Claire and Andrew, November 2008

3 Responses

  1. Great year in review photos. It makes me think that the Vaughans need to get a digital camera.

  2. These are great! Thanks for sending us the link. We all enjoyed the visit at Thanksgiving and hope it’s not so long in between this year.

  3. […] Last year’s photos posted at Thanksgiving were a hit for family and friends, so I’ve again placed a number of photographs from throughout the year on More to Come….  They include places we’ve been, time with family and friends, and special events in our lives.  If you put your cursor over the photo, the caption will magically appear. […]

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