O’Connor, Fleck to Play Inauguration Event

Thanks to the Bluegrass Blog for passing along the news that Mark O’Connor and Bela Fleck will be playing next Monday at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower’s Theatre as part of the Let Freedom Swing concert.  The evening’s program of jazz music is in honor of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and in anticipation of the inauguration the next day of President-elect Barack Obama.  While O’Connor and Fleck made their name in bluegrass, they routinely cross musical genres and have the musical chops to join host Wynton Marsalis.

While tickets are by invitation only, the event is to be televised, so be on the lookout for this mix of terrific musicians.

More to come…


2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    does anybody know, which TV Channel will broadcasting the Let Freedom Swing concert on the inaguration?

    Thanks a lot:

  2. Zoltan:

    The Kennedy Center site didn’t say which channel would carry the concert, but Wynton Marsalis’ web site (http://www.wyntonmarsalis.org/2009/01/01/wynton-and-sandra-day-oconnor-to-lead-a-celebration-of-america/) said it was on CNN.


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