Sweet Love

Candice and I were out at a party on Capitol Hill last evening and had a nice time with friends old and new.  However, when I climbed into bed last evening I knew I’d best set our alarm or we’d miss our obligations at church this morning.

My iPod has a playlist I entitled “Quiet Time” which we listen to as we fall asleep and then which is what we hear as our morning alarm.  We may wake to a Gregorian Chant or Anonymous 4, some Miles Davis or Bill Evans jazz, or perhaps a quiet New Age guitar piece from Will Akerman or Al Petteway.

This Sunday morning we slept a little later, due to the party.  But the wake-up music set the tone for an introspective day that worked well with the gray and rainy weather.

The first thing out of my iPod this morning was John Gorka singing this wonderful Kate Wolf tune entitled Sweet Love.

John Gorka has one of the most distinctive voices in folk music.  I can listen to him sing anything.  But several years ago he took part in a compilation of songs by the late California folk singer/songwriter Kate Wolf entitled Treasures Left Behind that gave him material much better than the proverbial phone book.

Sweet love, don’t deny me just a hand to hold;  I may not always be the one who sees.  I find myself blinded from time to time, reaching out for someone who can take the lead.  And in my weariness I’ve tried to cry.  Although my eyes are dry, I’ve cried inside.

Sweet love, let me lay myself beside you and listen to your breathing ’til it slows.  Long enough to dream a vision of my life wrapped up in the gentle wind that blows.  A vision of a life lived long ago – I see it, though the lights are low.

Sweet love, like the leaves that fall; the scenes go drifting by my eyes.  And I remember holding you, telling you that it would be all right.  You know the road looked straight ahead from far away, but it turned into a blind curve and I’ve lost my way today.

That’s one of those songs I recommend for downloading.  And if you haven’t heard John Gorka, here’s a video from a number of years ago where he sings The Gypsy Life with Kathy Mattea.  A youthful Mark O’Connor adds the violin solo.

The original video posted on this page has been dropped from YouTube, but we’re fortunate in that there is a recent posting of the late Kate Wolf singing Sweet Love. So enjoy that instead.

More to come…


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