Our Year in Photos – 2009

Claire & Andrew As we approach Thanksgiving 2009, the Browns are taking the time to give thanks for a year full of joy, sorrow, good friends, good health and visits to wonderful places.

Last year’s photos posted at Thanksgiving were a hit for family and friends, so I’ve again placed a number of photographs from throughout the year on More to Come….  They include places we’ve been, time with family and friends, and special events in our lives.  If you put your cursor over the photo, the caption will magically appear.

At the top of the post you’ll see our lovely children, Andrew and Claire, on the night we were headed to the Kennedy Center for the Cappies.  Andrew was part of a musical quartet in his high school’s production of The Music Man that was nominated for a Cappie Award (the high school equivalent of the Tony Awards).  You’ll find more photos of all the Browns below.

We had a blessed year and hope you’ll enjoy the photos.

More to come…


Bratislava Old Town

David with S.K. Misra of the Indian National Trust and S.K.'s niece Cezanne in Bratislava

Our Family at Claire's 16th birthday party

Claire at her 16th birthday party

Claire on the Mall for President Obama's Inaguration

Andrew and other former WNC Choristers with Dr. James Litton (left) at Princeton - Dr. Litton was their first choirmaster at the Cathedral


Playing bluegrass with my nephew Joseph (banjo) and brother Joe (guitar) at Joe's house in March

David with his father and sister Debbie in March 2009

The Brown and Crocker Cousins with Granddaddy

The David Brown and Joe Brown Cousins in March at Joe and Kerry's House

The "Music Man" Barbershop Quartet at the Cappies (Andrew on the right) - June 2009

Andrew on the coast of Northern Ireland

Touring Northern Ireland (photo by Andrew)

Andrew and Claire (right) with friends for the Franklin Knolls "Green and Mean" swim meet

Andrew getting ready to swim in the 2009 Divisonals

Claire (left) and Molly Branscom at the 2009 Divisionals

At the 2009 Gator Swim Team Banquet

Claire (left) and her Swim Team Friends at the 2009 Gator Swim Team Banquet

Ready for a crab feast with our friends the Van Names and the Foster-Crowders

David with colleagues from the National Trust of Taiwan at the International Conference of National Trusts in Dublin, September 2009

David with Mike and Susan Neuman in the Temple Bar Neighborhood in Dublin

David opening the National Preservation Conference Plenary at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

Sitting in for some Bluegrass with Off The Wagon in Nashville in October

Candice and Claire Nov 2009

8 Responses

  1. DJB, Love your pics. It’s a great life ain’t it? Hope you have a fine holiday.

    Dr. B

    • Thanks, Dr. B. It is a grand life – I just don’t get to play enough bluegrass, that’s all! Loved your blog post on Marty Stuart. He’s a real treasure, in so many ways.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Thanks for sharing your year in pictures. You have had quite an exciting year full of lots of new experiences and memories. I always enjoy keeping up with all of you! Looking forward to seeing you over the holidays!

  3. Love the Brown family photos. Obviously a very accomplished and handsome family! The photo of the kids in Ireland will also be making an appearance on our holiday card.

  4. What wonderful; pictures of a great family!

  5. David,
    Your family photos brought the thought to my mind of how delighted your sweet mother must be as she looks down with a feeling of a life fulfilled through her precious family.

    Since I married Gary, I now have a wonderful family: two sons, a loving daughter-in-law, two grandsons, and the cutest cherub-faced granddaughter one can imagine. The little boys are 7 and 8; and Ava is 11 months. We see them often since they live in Chattanooga. They have brought great joy and love into my life.

    Did you go to Merlefest this year? Or did you attend the festival at Sugar Grove at the site of the museum? I didn’t attend either one so I am suffering from withdrawal pains from not hearing Doc live!

    Good night and keep pickin’

    • Lou,

      Thanks for the nice note. Yes, I regret that Mom hasn’t been around to see all her wonderful grand-children (and now great-grandchildren) grow up. She would have loved them all. Glad that you have more family in your life now.

      I did not get to Merlefest and am having a bit of withdrawal now as well. Hope to go next year.

      Take care,

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