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It’s the fearless who love…

…and the loveless who fear.

Wisdom from The Flatlanders.

New York City is not the place where you’d expect to hear great country music, but on a Tuesday night in Gotham, in the middle of Times Square, B.B. King’s was filled with the music and wisdom of Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, and Butch Hancock:  The Flatlanders.

A business colleague, her college friend and I ventured out on a beautiful night in the city to catch the Zen Cowboy and his companions play a rollicking set of Texas country music.  The tunes were great with all three stars taking turns showcasing their work.  As they neared the end of the show, The Flatlanders worked in Gilmore’s Dallas – a wonderful song – and then rocked it out with the Townes Van Zandt tune White Freightliner before closing the show with Pay the Alligator.

A night full of energy and great music.

More to come…


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I am David J. Brown (hence the DJB) and I originally created this personal blog more than ten years ago as a way to capture photos and memories from a family vacation. After the trip was over I simply continued writing. Over the years the blog has changed to have a more definite focus aligned with my interest in places that matter, reading well, roots music, and more. My professional background is as a national nonprofit leader with a four-decade record of growing and strengthening organizations at local, state, and national levels. This work has been driven by my passion for connecting people in thriving, sustainable, and vibrant communities.


  1. My colleague, Anthea, who was at the show with me, sent along this note to my Facebook page. I thought I’d post it on the blog as well for those who read it in this venue:

    fellow, gentle readers, here are the lyrics to “Borderless Love,” particularly poignant for we who live on the borderlands:

    Borderless Love… Read More

    Walking the line between pleasure and pain
    Biding my time between loss and gain
    I’ve run out of roads, I’ve traveled them all
    Down at the border by the one-sided wall

    Down at the border, facing that wall
    Racking my brain for the cause of it all
    No one to point to, no one to blame
    I can’t be the only one stuck in this game

    Borderless love, the land of the free
    Borderless love, how far can you see?
    Borderless love, there’s no border at all
    In a borderless love there’s no need for a wall

    When I feel what I feel, when I see what I see
    Why do my heart and my head disagree?
    A one-sided wall, is it all in the mind?
    Who can see more than one side at a time?

    A wall is a mirror that can only reveal
    One side of a story that passes for real
    But break it all down, it all becomes clear
    It’s the fearless who love and the loveless who fear

    Borderless love, the land of the free
    Borderless love, how far can you see?
    Borderless love, there’s no fear at all
    In a borderless love there’s no need for a wall

    Over, under, around and through
    Life is love and love is true
    Over, under, around and through
    Walls of thunder, skies of blue

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