18 Years, Yet Seems Like Only Yesterday

Today began a new era.  Today was the first day after Andrew and Claire’s 18th birthday.

The twins were born mid-day on a Sunday.  At the moment of their birth I happened to be singing There Is No Rose in the church choir for the last Sunday in Advent in 1992.  Because we adopted Andrew and Claire, we didn’t know they had been born until the next day after receiving a call from the adoption agency.  Eighteen short years later, Andrew, Candice and I were spending December 20th sitting in the Strathmore Music Center listening to Claire and her high school choir join the Cathedral Choral Society in a wonderful Joy of Christmas concert (blackberry photo at the top…don’t expect to see great detail).  It seemed a fitting bookend:  they came in to song, and they entered “adulthood” singing.

When friends ask how it feels to be the father of 18-year-olds, I don’t offer any profound insights.  I usually say, “It seems like only yesterday…”  or “Time flies….”  The years and the associated memories have been wonderful.  Andrew and Claire are not perfect, but they’re pretty terrific people – who are now really young adults.  (Andrew asked where he could register to vote this morning.)

I couldn’t be prouder of the two of them.  But instead of writing more, I’ll simply post a few of my favorite pictures from the different eras of their lives.

Happy Birthday, Claire and Andrew.  I love you.


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  1. Your note and photos did make me cry. Andrew and Claire are wonderful, but then, it runs in your family.

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