Changing Seasons

I love March Madness.  After a boring set of games on Thursday (although I’m glad Vanderbilt’s game was somewhat pedestrian), Friday finally got us in to the “madness” part of the event.  Two 15s beating number 2 seeds on the same day – that’s as good as it gets!

But as much as I enjoy these weeks of one-and-done basketball, I had an experience this afternoon that really gets me excited – sitting down with a friend over a glass of wine and choosing games out of the Washington Nationals season ticket package we’d purchased together.  Now I’m pumped!

Basketball is fun, but baseball is on another plane.  So in honor of the distribution of the season tickets, I give you a smattering of baseball quotations to bring a smile to your face and anticipation to your heart:

There are two theories on hitting the knuckleball.  Unfortunately, neither of them works.  (Legendary hitting coach Charlie Lau)

It doesn’t take much to get me up for baseball.  Once the National Anthem plays, I get chills.  I even know the words to it now.  (Pete Rose)

Just when my fellows learn to hit in this ball park, they’re gonna tear it down.  (Casey Stengel, as the Mets manager, on the Polo Grounds in 1965)

What do you want, a bonus or a limp?  (Fresco Thompson, on trying to persuade a prospect to choose baseball over football)

It is just about time to “Play Ball!”

More to come…


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