Happy Birthday, Del McCoury

Del McCoury at Red Wing Music Festival 2013Happy 75th Birthday to Del McCoury, one of the finest voices in traditional bluegrass music.

A winner of the National Heritage Fellowship lifetime achievement award and a member of the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, McCoury – at 75-years young – doesn’t rest on his laurels.  Just last Sunday the Del McCoury Band won a Grammy for The Streets of Baltimore and he continues to find new avenues to showcase his talent and new collaborators for his music.

Vince Gill has said “I’d rather hear Del McCoury sing ‘Are You Teasing Me’ than just about anything.”

It just so happens there’s a terrific “early morning” video version of a very casual Del McCoury Band performing Are You Teasing Me? posted by radio station WNCW.  For a group that generally appears on stage in the traditional suits and ties of the classic days of bluegrass, it is kind of fun seeing the McCoury boys in shorts (with Rob in flip-flops) and Del in his jeans.

Are You Teasing Me?

The Del McCoury Band at Red Wing Roots Music Festival 2013

Me, I’d rather hear Del sing 1952 Vincent than just about anything.  So from that same informal morning session at WNCW, enjoy Del’s take on Richard Thompson’s classic.

1952 Vincent

Happy 75th Birthday, Del.  Thanks for the wonderful years of memories, and may you have many more years ahead.

More to come…


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