A Change in the Pecking Order?

Nationals LogoLocal all-news radio station WTOP runs a segment entitled Core Values with commentator Chris Core.

Today, he had a segment that was music to my ears: a change in the pecking order of local sports teams.

In one minute, Core sums up why everyone is fed up with the Washington football team.  (Oops, I almost wrote their nickname, which many see as offensive.) There are multiple reasons to be tired of this team (e.g., Fed Ex Field, the team stinks, they mortgage their future for a perpetually injured quarterback), but the primary reason is that everyone despises the owner. I’ve made the same point before!

Then Core turns to the Nationals.  The owners are great (and they stay out of the way of the professionals).  They play in a beautiful park (and he could have added that it is accessible by Metro). They have a great chance to get to the World Series and they are primed to be good for years to come.

Then Chris Core does something really great…he let’s out the Section 313 cheer:  N-A-T-S, Nats, Nats, Nats, Woo!  (And yes, Kim, he does include the “woo.”)

How cool is that?

I’ve included the audio link below.  It only takes a minute to get into the Nats spirit.

Woo indeed!

More to come…


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