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Family, Friends, Food (Or How Candice and I Spent a Wonderful Weekend With Our Daughter)

Candice and DJB with ClaireFor the second weekend in a row, we’ve enjoyed time at college with one of the twins and are the richer for the experience.

I had appointments that took me to Los Angeles for two days late last week. Candice joined me so that as work wrapped up, we could take the short drive east to Claremont for a visit with Claire and her friends.

Claire’s friends are much like her – sharp, inquisitive, interested in others, outgoing, and easy to be around. When we arrived on Friday evening, we stopped by Claire’s senior dorm suite and then headed to The Junction for an evening of small plates, laughter, and conversation with her suite-mates.

These three young women all come from the west coast (California and Oregon) and have bonded over swimming, academics, and their shared optimism for life. We have known two of these young ladies for three years now, and have enjoyed getting to know the third over the course of this year. They all seem to be taking in everything the college experience has to offer.

Calire and her suitemates

The Pomona-Pitzer Swim & Dive team hosted a relay invitational on Saturday afternoon…which arrived with some of the first meaningful rain in Southern California in ages and cool temperatures that felt much more like Providence – where we were last week – than a typical fall weekend in Claremont.

PP Swim MeetBut Claire and the rest of the Sagehens took it all in stride. This was their season opening swim meet and we had a blast watching the team, which has grown progressively stronger during Claire’s four years. Like most of her teammates, she swam in multiple relays – even competing in her first breaststroke in some time. We may not be able to see another of Claire’s college swim meets live before she graduates, so even in the dampness and cold, we savored every minute.

Claire with friends at Bardot

Later that evening we joined Claire and three friends who bonded early in their freshman year for a time of family updates, laughter, post-graduate plans, and good food. All four had been away from Pomona during portions of their junior year, and it was clear they were enjoying being back together on a regular basis.

Sunday – with the extra hour of sleep – was just what we needed.  The weather was perfect – more like we expect when we travel to California. After a slow rise and some exercise, we met Claire downtown at the wonderful Claremont Farmers Market, where we filled up bags with cheese, nuts, and fruits for her suite.  Then we met another group of friends for brunch in the dining hall, with yet another set of lively conversations.

As we dropped Claire off tonight after a tapas dinner in the village, I thought of the last time we parted in front of Pomona Hall. This time there were no tears, just hugs, kisses and thankfulness for time spent with such a wonderful group of friends.

Thank you, Sweetheart, for the terrific weekend.

More to come…


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