You Can’t Stop the Revolution

All Saints

All Saints Church (photo credit: All Saints Church, Pasadena)

Since moving to Pasadena earlier this year, Claire has been attending All Saints Episcopal Church.  Today, she sent us a text that said, “The sermon at All Saints got a standing ovation this morning…It was a feminist re-telling of the character of the Virgin Mary and how the patriarchal church has belittled her from a strong woman of color into a submissive white woman who embodies the impossible ideal of being a virgin mother.”

Well, I certainly wanted to hear that!

Luckily, All Saints posts their sermons on YouTube, and so I just finished listening to Mike Kinman’s sermon – the one Claire referenced – entitled You Can’t Stop the Revolution. 

“Mary was the Mother of the Revolution of Love and the Magnificat is her protest chant – a protest chant the church has spent 2000 years mansplaining in an effort to silence the radical power of her proclamation.”

More than once Kinman says, “God’s revolution of love will be led by fierce, nasty women.”  This is a powerful message.  Give it a listen.

More to come…


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