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  1. virgomusic says

    Hi There — Thanks so much for the kind words in your nice post about my blog! It’s always nice to know that what I’m writing is bringing smile to someone’s face!


  2. David,
    It was great to spend time with you and Anderw and Claire this past week. I like your five picks. A few years ago I got to see John Hartford at the Ryman doing the Steam powered reunion. Everyone was there except Norman but Tony Rice stood in for him. It was great music. Thank you for being a big brother who let his little brother sit in and learn to play blue grass with his friends. Great times in the living room. God bless you Joe

  3. David,
    Enjoyed the thoughts on Rugby, Allen Stagg and Troop 416 which he founded with First Baptist Church sponsorship. Tom Caldwell the present Scoutmaster was recently honored by the Middle Tennessee Area Council for his outstanding work with that troop and its fine heritage.

    You might include in your random thoughts something about Mr. Oscar Martin the redescoverer of Rugby. The late Mr. Martin worked for I think TDOT, was doing some some research for rights of way and descovered that some ownerships went back to England. His subsequent work led to revitalizing Rugby. The Martins ran a furniture factory in Gallatin and restored a Rugby house and lived there some of the time. A descendant runs a boat factory in Gallatin now near the furniture operation and I met him through Kitty’s Brother’ s boat construction. He has a house in Rugby.


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  5. I was quite happy to see the images of the Calatrava bridge in Dallas. I’d like to have one printed for display on my wall at home. Can I get permission to do that? Or, do you have a system for selling the images?
    Best wishes,

    • Gary, Thanks for the note. Feel free to make a print for your personal use. DJB

  6. Hi Gary we are interested in some of your images for a project we are doing in Takoma Park, could you email me for details? Thanks. Lillian Fitzgerald

    • James, Thanks for that wonderful invitation. I’ll put that on my itinerary for a future trip. It certainly looks like a lovely instrument. All the best, DJB

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