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In Praise of Independent Coffee Houses

Dolores emailed me this morning to say that our neighborhood coffee house here in Silver Spring – Kefa Cafe – was having a customer appreciation day with free food.  Candice and I had been looking for a time to have a coffee together, so we braved the remnants of Hanna that are making their presence felt in Washington today and enjoyed our coffee, pastries, and good company.

There’s a nice post on Kefa on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s This Place Matters site where Dolores tells why this is her Third Place in Silver Spring.  Run by two sisters since 1996, it is a great place to hang out, enjoy good food, and meet interesting people.  Candice and I shared our table today with two middle age guys who just returned from their weekly basketball game at a local gym…a tradition they’ve continued for 20 years.

Support that special independent coffee house in your town.  Like all unique and special places, they are going too fast.

More to come…


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  1. Dolores says

    Thanks for the Kefa shout out. I too was @ Customer Appreciation Day today, in part to hear about how Kefa is offsetting its carbon footprint by buyting their power through a nonprofit organization: Clean Currents. (One of the owners, Lanai, who is pictured in the photo above, told me one of their guys would be there to make a presentation.) I heard his spiel and was impressed by this local company. Jamie and I had been talking about our own energy usage so I appreciated the opportunity to learn more while stuffing my face with free pastries. Now that’s REAL customer appreciation. Feed me AND tell me how I can save the planet. I love Kefa Cafe. If you want, check out Clean Currents at http://www.cleancurrents.com

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