A Cappella Singing

Many family and friends know that our son Andrew is the real singer of the family.  After a stellar career as a cathedral chorister (assuming you can have a career that ends at age 13), he began singing in high school last year with his new baritone voice. 

Candice and I were so pleased last evening to hear Andrew’s first performance with the five-boy a cappella group at his school.  They got a great reception and Andrew was pleased with this first performance.  We expect to hear a lot of a cappella singing around our house over the next three years…

…And that thought led us to think about what happens to people who get too deep into a cappella singing.  Fortunately, there’s an institute for "A Cappella Recovery."  Watch this video…and pray this isn’t in Andrew’s future.


More to come…


One Response

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of a capella, Andrew! No rehab necessary. It’s a GOOD addicition. Ya’ll come by Sunday down @ the Sylvan Theater (near the Washington Monument) for an a cappella festival. My very own Venus d minor will be performing, as will a great men’s group, The Tone Rangers. The festivities start at 1 p.m. with the Rangers going on at 1;30 and Venus @ 2. More info @ http://www.tonerangers.com

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