Do I Love Baseball Quotes? You Betcha!

The Philadelphia Phillies win the 2008 World Series in one of the strangest ways imaginable – closing out a game that began in the bottom of the 6th after a 46 hour rain-delay – and the morning papers are full of the great quotes and writing that make baseball such a delight.  Can you imagine getting an intelligible quote out of a football coach after the Super Bowl?  Of course not.  But even the lowliest man on the World Series roster can provide some wonderful, thought-provoking line that brings a smile.

Here are a few gems I picked up from today’s Washington Post and New York Times.

The Phillies and Rays turned a mess into a mini-masterpiece, transforming a suspended game into a tense, 79-minute suspension of disbelief. – Tom Boswell, Washington Post

A game that began with a deluge has washed away an epic drought. The Philadelphia Phillies have won the World Series. – Tyler Kepner, New York Times

Rays Manager Joe Maddon said he considered using phenom lefty David Price from the start Wednesday night, but decided to use a matchup-focused bullpen strategy instead.  “Retrospectively, may you could have done that [with Price] but I really had it mapped out the exact way it occurred…[The Phillies] just did not cooperate with their offense.” – Maddon as quoted in the Washington Post by Dave Sheinin

“It’s kind of weird, kind of odd, that the game is going to start with the seventh inning stretch,” said the Phillies’ Brett Myers, who exaggerated by an inning, but made his point nonetheless… – Quoted by Tyler Kepner in the New York Times.

“‘The mind, once stretched, can never return to its original form.’  I like that expression.  Our minds have been stretched.  Our players will never be satisfied again with less than winning.” – Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon on his teams “worst-to-first” rise in the American League, as quoted by Tom Boswell

The Fog Bowl and Jeff Ruland, Scott Stevens and Joe Carter – all of the symbols of local futility – can be put to rest.  The Philadelphia fan does not need them anymore as proof of a hardened soul.  Hearts are light now, joy has come to Mudville.  The Phillies are champions. – Tyler Kepner on the long drought between Philadelphia championships, in the New York Times

More to come…


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  1. […] on a World Series-winning baseball team can give better quotes than the Super Bowl-winning coach.  Baseball players and managers speak with eloquence and  intelligence (even if it is Yogi Berra-type eloquence).  Football players and coaches either talk gibberish […]

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