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Scenes from a New Orleans’ Saturday

New Orleans is a city waiting to be photographed.

This cloudy Saturday in April was shared in the morning with the wonderful stewards of the beautiful homes of the Garden District and then later in the day with the hordes in town for the French Quarter Festival.  Both had their charms.

There are beautiful fountains, gardens, and iron work throughout the Garden District, and we were fortunate to see four homes with wonderful examples of each.  The owners opened their doors to us and shared their love for their homes — with all their quirks — as well as their love for this unique city.

In the free time this afternoon, I made my way down to the French Quarter Festival to hear jazz, blues, and a lot more.  The Hot Club of New Orleans was playing some terrific gypsy jazz with a New Orleans flavor, all the while inspiring the dancers to greater and greater heights.  Big Daddy “O” was rocking Royal Street with his blues.  And Ronnie Kole’s horn section was blasting away in Jackson Park.  Enjoy the photos.

More to come…


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