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Bluegrass Hair and Obscene Solos

Del McCoury BandThe bluegrass world’s answer to the satirical paper The Onionthe always off-kilter Bluegrass Intelligenceris at it again with several not-to-be-believed posts from the world of roots music.

In the wake of last weekend’s DelFest Bluegrass Festival and bad weather in the mid-Atlantic region, BI’s intrepid staff reports on how rain, hail, and gale-force winds could not dislodge the “bluegrass hair” of the host Del McCoury band. As reported by BI online:

On Saturday, an unfortunate combination of gale force wind, torrential rain, powerful lightning, and crushing downfalls of hail rocked DelFest, the popular musical event hosted by the Del McCoury Band. Importantly, the relentless onslaught of life-threatening weather was not sufficient to disturb the hair of anyone in the McCoury family.

Another BI post reported on the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that a solo by  guitarist extraordinarie Bryan Sutton was “pornographic and obscene.”   What, you didn’t hear about that one from Nina Totenberg?  Well, the NPR legal affairs reporter can’t be expected to catch everything.  That’s why we depend on the Bluegrass Intelligencer.

The Roberts Court today ruled against former Kentucky Thunder guitarist Bryan Sutton, declaring his extended solo on “Get Up, John” from Merlefest 1998 to be obscene and gratuitous to an extent not protected by constitutional First Amendment free speech provisions.

The report continues by noting:

Justice Roberts, writing for the court, condemned the music’s “undeniable appeal to man’s basest instincts” and he stated that it left the average person feeling “soiled, depleted, and deeply ashamed for having enjoyed it.”

As a public duty, I’ve posted a video of Sutton playing that obscene video from Get Up, John. Remember,  you have to be 21 to enjoy!  Read the full stories on both and keep laughing!

More to come…



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  1. Leti M says

    This had me in stitches and then to the Bluegrass Intelligencer and then to other music sites to find the real story behind the some of their posts.

    • DJB says

      Glad you enjoyed it Leti. I lol everytime I check out the Intelligencer web site.

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